Help us help you get the treatment you need – Mental Health

The NHS is here to support your mental health

.• In these unprecedented times, it is as important to look after your mental health as your physical health.

• 24/7 urgent mental health support is available to all adults and children.

• You can find your local NHS helpline by searching for your postcode or home town in a new service finder on the NHS.UK website.

• If you or a loved one need urgent mental health care, please do call your local line, at any time of day or night. NHS staff are available to provide support and direct you to the right services if you need further care.

• NHS staff have been working together to ensure that mental health care and support can safely continue.

• People who already have appointments should continue to attend them.

• Many services are offering more flexible options such as video and phone consultations to improve safety for patients and staff alike.