Monthly Health Campaigns

Each month, The Chorley Surgery website brings attention to numerous health and wellness campaigns. These campaigns focus on issues and illnesses that affect our patients every day. By learning about these campaigns each month, patients can get ideas, information, and resources on a variety of health matters.

Stroke Awareness Month

If you or someone you know has been affected by a stroke, you’ll know just how important research is in ensuring the best possible outcomes. Stroke research budgets have been affected by the pandemic and the Stroke Association wants to raise awareness of the importance of research.

If you think you’re seeing these symptoms in someone act FAST and call 999.

Facial weakness

Arm weakness

Speech problems

Time to call 999

Deaf Awareness Week (2nd to 8th May)

12 million people across the UK suffer from some form of hearing loss or deafness, which means you’re likely to meet someone with hearing loss each day. Ask how you can help to make communication easier, as the answer will be different for each person.

Sun Awareness Week (2nd to 8th May)

As the summer approaches, we need to think about staying safe in the sun. As we don’t always have sunny weather in the UK, it can be tempting to soak up the rays when we do. Staying safe in the sun will ensure you can have fun and reduce your risk of sunburn and sunstroke.

Mental Health Awareness (9th to 15th May)

The focus of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is Loneliness. Loneliness can affect anyone, even if they are surrounded by people. The global pandemic has brought loneliness into focus, as more people are now aware how difficult loneliness can be.

Dementia Awareness Month 16th – 22nd May

If you’re worried that someone you care about may be having problems with their memory, this advice from the Alzheimer’s Society might be helpful to you. The advice looks at how to raise the issue, including where and when might be a good time or place.

Walk To School Week (16th to 20th May)

It’s Walk to School Week, and small steps lead to big outcomes. If you can walk to school this week, then you’re helping your child to meet their exercise needs for the week. If you live too far from school to walk the whole journey, why not think about walking some of the way? Maybe you could get off the bus a stop earlier, or leave the car a few streets away and walk the rest.

National Smile Month (16th May to 16th June)

Everyone deserves a healthy smile. That’s the theme of this year’s National Smile Month. Health inequalities should not mean you do not have a healthy mouth and teeth.

Brain Injury Awareness (16th to 22nd May)

“See the hidden me” is the theme for Headway’s Action for Brain Injury Week this year. People who have suffered a brain injury can find life challenging, especially when their difficulties may not be immediately apparent to the outside world. This campaign will help sufferers of brain injuries to be treated with empathy and respect.