Support for victims of Domestic abuse

If you are suffering abuse from a partner or family member, the government has been very clear that it is a reasonable excuse to leave your home. If you can speak to us then we would like to offer our support, but if that proves difficult the government has advice you can look at. Some web browsers can ‘forget’ what you have been searching for if you are concerned your abuser might look…ovid-19-support-for-victims-of-domestic-abuse

If you are in an emergency situation and calling 999 from a mobile, pressing 55 will automatically connect you to a police operator. You should speak to the operator if you are able. Pressing 55 will not allow the police to track your location. This not the same from a landline phone. If you call 999 from a landline and are unable to speak and the BT operator is unable to decide whether you need assistance, they will put your call through to a police operator. Your landline information will give the police information about where you are calling from if you are unable to speak.