Prescription Charges from 1st April 2023

Charges for NHS prescriptions from 1st April 2023 will be increased to £9.65, for each medicine or appliance dispensed.  

The cost of prescription pre-payment certificates (PPC) will also be increased: 3-month PPC increases to £31.25 and 12-month PPC increases to £111.60 (patients can spread the cost and pay in 10 monthly instalments). 

How to Order Prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions

You can order your prescriptions  here  Alternatively, you can put in a paper request at the surgery, or email us at [email protected]
We do not accept prescription requests over the phone.

Please allow 2 working days from the time of the request to picking up your prescription to allow the surgery team to process your request.

Acute Requests

If you require a medication that is not on your repeat prescription list, you may do so using the online NHS app, or on a paper request in person at the surgery.

Nominated Pharmacy

You can nominate a pharmacy to collect your regular prescriptions from. You can do this by going into your chosen pharmacy and giving them your GP surgery and your details and they can set it up there for you. Alternatively, you can ask at reception in surgery and they can set up your chosen pharmacy on your records.

This means when you order your prescription either online or on paper at the surgery, once processed by the GP here at the surgery this will automatically go electronically to your chosen pharmacy. This means you do not need to come back to the surgery to collect your completed prescription. Your prescription will be waiting for you at your chosen pharmacy.