Breast Feeding

How do you know breastfeeding is going well?

We get asked a lot about how do Mums know that a baby is feeding well – well – we will never know how much milk babies are transferring into their bellies, but there are some pointers to be aware of that would be red flags they are struggling a little bit if answered no. These are:

Feeding is pain-free – if it hurts you, baby is in the wrong position and therefore cannot get as much milk out. Please do not persevere, but seek help ASAP

Chin indenting breast –showing they have come to the breast chin first and scooping breast tissue into their mouth

Mouth wide open – enabling that they have a good mouthful of breast

Cheeks full and rounded – because their mouth is full of breast tissue

More areola may be visible above top lip – because the baby has attached well asymmetrically and started in nose to nipple position (you may not be able to see any if you have smaller areola)

Rhythmic suck/swallow – this shows baby is effectively attached and actively transferring milk from the breast

Nipple remains rounded at end of feed – a very important factor! If they are misshapen at all or compressed, please seek help.

All of the above pointers need to be answered yes to ensure that baby is feeding well, if you answered No to just 1, then you should seek support from your Midwife, Health Visitor or Peer Supporter.

You may find the link below useful as a reminder to see if breastfeeding is going ok:…/mothers_breastfeeding…