Exercise at Home with the Latest Resources from WheelPower

Today WheelPower, the national charity for wheelchair sport have launched the latest video from their Exercise at Home Series entitled Ben’s Kettlebell Workout.

The new fitness video is delivered by Ben Clark, a personal trainer and owner of Adapt To Perform, the world’s largest platform for adapted fitness. Ben, a C7 quadriplegic will guide you through a kettlebell workout that will really test your strength! Following a short warm up Ben will be demonstrating 3 different exercises that will work both sides of your body and before repeating to build up shoulder strength.

“If you don’t have a kettlebell then you can also use a dumbbell or even a full bottle of water as an alternative.” – Ben.

Please remember: Always seek advice from your GP, Physio or a trained exercise professional regarding the type and the amount of physical activity and exercise you should be doing.Website: https://www.wheelpower.org.uk/resources/cardio-workouts