Lung Cancer

‘The doctors have said it’s given me ten more years of my life.’ Early diagnosis of lung cancer can make a big difference.

If you’ve had a persistent cough for three weeks or more, contact your GP Practice now! Bill attended a lung health check run by his local GP Practice. The initial CT scan found a small tumour in his lung but because it was caught early it was treatable. ‘At the initial appointment I was told I needed a CT scan and then a PET scan, that was when I was told: ‘You have lung cancer.

However, it’s localised, it’s a very small amount and it hasn’t spread.’ One minute you’ve been given a death sentence, the next you’re getting a reprieve, and it comes out in two sentences!’

After a successful operation, Bill’s cancer was removed and he is now cancer free.

‘I’ve got everything to live for, everything to look forward to. That’s the big thing — if they find it, there’s a better chance you can be fixed.’